Thursday, October 29, 2009

Court Silverplate International Silver c.1939

Silverplate pieces with nice long tines on the forks. The pieces have the expected amount of normal scratches from use over the years. The knife has a stainless blade marked: Firth Stainless.
There's another Rogers pattern that resembles court, called "Sovereign" also c.1939. They most distinct difference is that Court has the stripes crossways under the flower.
3... dinner forks ... 7" long....ea: $.8.00
2... dinner fork light wear mark on heel... $5.00
1....dinner knife...9, 14" long.... $10.00

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Proposal Silverplate Rogers c.1954

A more modern pattern brought out in the 50's. Proposal. 1881 Rogers. Squared ends with sprays of flowers up the sides of the handles. Pattern also on back.

1 sugar spoon........ It measures 6, 1/8 inches long...ea: $14.00
6 tea spoons...measuring 6, 1/8 inches long... ea: $9.00
8 table spoons... measures 8, 1/4 inches long... ea: $15.00
8 dinner knives... ea: $11.00
...Has a silverplate hollow handle & stainless steel blade. Measures is 9, 1/8 inches in length.
8 dinner forks...measures 7, 1/2 inches long.. ea: $15.00

These lovely pieces are in gently used condition with faint wear marks.