Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shell Vintage Silverplate by 1847 Rogers.

I love this style of old Rogers silver plate! It has great weight in your hand and just never seems to wear out. I think some pieces are older than others, so I will describe each separately.

3....dinner forks....7" long.... ea: $10.00
Identical. These have the pattern on both sides. Marked on the back: 1847 Rogers Bros with the round Rogers hall mark on them. One of them, in the picture actually, has a bent tine, but I think Dick or anyone could straighten it. Otherwise nice condition with no pitting or scratching except from normal use.

4....Teaspoons....5,3/4" long... ea: $10.00.
All three identical. Marked on backs with the anchor and Wm. Rogers & Son AA. Again, nice condition.

A butter knife with some wear on the blade. I think it is well pictured. Marked on the back with initials and I have to go buy a magnifying glass because I seem to have lost mine.
1....5" long...$10.00

A little baby butter knife and I think this one is oldest. Not worn, but still needs more cleaning. Marked only S.P.N.S. on back.
1 only... 4,1/2" long... $12.00

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All descriptions are to the best of our ability. All pieces are used and will show signs of age and use. We will disclose any obvious defects or damage.

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