Friday, January 29, 2010

South Seas c.1950


South Seas is a 1950's pattern made by Community, Oneida Silverplate. The pattern's name is stamped on the back of each handle. Lovely smooth handles with a scroll pattern near the bowls. These spoons are 6, 1/4 inches in length and show minimal signs of their age, but they are gently used. 

3 coffee spoons.......4, 1/2 inches long... ea: $7.00

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All descriptions are to the best of our ability. All pieces are used and will show signs of age and use. We will disclose any obvious defects or damage.

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  1. Lucy when I came by to comment I saw this blog in your profile. Being Canadian of course I had to check it out.
    I'll be danged if the first post at the top isn't the pattern South Seas. This is what my mother had. Even though I am missing some pieces there is no worries because my mother in law has the same set. What a coincidence that was.